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2013-03-22 22:14

Yesterday afternoon, I canceled all my plans for my father and his friend who came over to see me. They looked very pleased to talk to me. It was the first time for me to meet my father's friend, so he kept on taking photos of me. Then, he apologized to me for lingering. They wanted to stay here for hours and hours, but they went back to their town with all smiles before their families started to worry about them.
This morning, my father called me to say thank you. He said that his friend had a good time here, and he enjoyed himself. I knew it when I heard his voice on the phone.(2013.4.11)

2013-03-22 22:10

This morning,I got a mail from one of my former teachers who lives in London. Before he left Japan he said that he would be able to check my blog entries, grammar and sentences to see if they are correct or not. Recently I haven't sent him new articles, so he was wondering if I've been studying English and continuing my blog.(2013.04.13)