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2013-04-30 13:30

Over ten years ago, my language teachers told me that I should have an electric dictionary not the ordinary heavy book style. Nowadays, they ask me why I don't download dictionaries on line. They also recommend the iPad, since I am a little behind the times.
大きな辞書をいくつも手にして勉強する時代ではない、iPad を使えば複数の辞書をダウンロードでき、とても便利と皆に言われますが、今でも家では昔ながらの辞書、出かけるときは電子辞書です。

2013-04-10 20:49

My son was chosen to be his class representative by his classmates and teachers this year. This is a nice honor for him, even though it will increase his workload as he prepares for his upcoming university entrance exams in January. Recently he quit calligraphy class which he used to go to on Sunday mornings. He stopped going to his language school and piano school last year as well, so now he has more time to do something for himself and can relax on weekends.(2013.平成25年4月)

2013-04-04 20:51

The new academic year has started. My son asked me to give him 3 dust cloths yesterday, as his school collects them for cleaning time, so I just bought them at a supermarket. The tradition has been around since my childhood. Back then, my mother always sewed ZOUKIN (dust cloths) herself. Compared to my mother I've been lazy thanks to the 100 yen shop.(2013.4.4)