現在猫6匹のみ、初めて犬のいない暮らしをしています。ピアノ、英語、フランス語歴は長いですが、数年前からドイツ語勉強し始めました。ブログの名前は“Le Petit Prince 星の王子さま”より

2013-05-29 14:20

We went to Gero in Gifu prefecture last Monday. The dog pictured swims well in a video which I watch every morning, he was so gorgeous that I couldn't help taking photo of him with me.

2013-05-28 15:28

My neighbor's cat sleeps inside my house nowadays. Until recently she was so timid that she couldn't stay with us for a long time. She was always in the garage and came up to the entrance to have meal a few times a day. She suddenly became very close to me as she learned how comfortable it was to sleep on a blanket. (2013.3.26)

2013-05-28 15:26

My husband's older brother and his wife have been hospitalized in different hospitals. My husband's other older brother and his wife came over to see me this morning, and they said that they didn't know about the news that his brother's wife is going to die in a few weeks. And also they didn't know that his brother has to get radiation treatment for 2 months. When all my husband's family members got together in September to have a memorial service for their father(my father-in-law) they should've noticed that they were missing one of the family members. I thought that they couldn't blame me for not having told them the facts earlier.(2013.11.5)

2013-05-28 15:20

I called my doctor this morning, since my son had asked me to make an appointment for inoculation against influenza. Unlike my son and I, my husband is susceptible to colds, so he was cautious and got inoculated against the flu almost every year in the past. I haven't been inoculated for it in my life because I have always been too busy, and my son never got it because he was not in good condition when it was time to get a shot every autumn. I am a little surprised to know that my son now is thinking about his health during the winter and serious about entrance exams for university.(2013.10.4)

2013-05-28 14:49

I had visitors from Gunma prefecture yesterday afternoon. The couple are the parents of one of my employees. They wanted to see their son before the husband passes away because of pancreatic cancer. He looked spry and active even though his doctor had told him he only would have a short time remaining. He has been taking painkillers three times a day, trying to be optimistic and eating his favorite foods, which seem to retain his power to live. I gave them some photos which I took at a restaurant and their son is in them. Right now, there are three acquaintances and relatives I know who are diagnosed with terminal cancer.(2013.10.9)
私の主人の義兄嫁と同じ膵臓癌だそうで、 体重も昔の半分になってしったけれど、鎮痛剤のおかげでなんとか毎日過好きな事ができ、お医者さんの診断より長生きしてるとのことでした。