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2013-05-14 14:44

One of the many department stores in Nagoya sends a rep to my place a few times a year. After I buy products through him, he brings me the bills, which is a very traditional payment system. The rep visited me yesterday and told me with a sad air that he was going to retire from his post and that it might be the last time he was going to come here bringing the articles on my order. He said that the store had prepared a cash card for me so that he doesn't have to put someone in his place and need to come here to collect money any more. Come to think of it, it's been over 25 years since I got to know him. He was a very aggressive salesperson when he was younger, he must feel empty now.


2013-05-14 11:19

It's been while since I've sat down at my desk for an extended time. So many visitors and telephone calls distracted me from my routine work, so I was always a bit behind schedule. Even though it's been incredibly hot outside, I still go shopping for my family everyday and pay a visit to our ancestral grave every afternoon, because it is the week to remember and pray for them. Yesterday I placed five memorial tablets on the table in the living room. I've been offering three meals everyday, not only some sweets, but also fruits and snacks with tea in front of each tablet several times a day. Until the 15th I usually keep on lighting candles and incense as well. I've also been recovering from my bad condition. Once I only weighted 35 kg(77 pounds) which was not normal even though I am 148 cm. Thankfully, I now feel better than last month.(2013.8.14)