現在猫6匹のみ、初めて犬のいない暮らしをしています。ピアノ、英語、フランス語歴は長いですが、数年前からドイツ語勉強し始めました。ブログの名前は“Le Petit Prince 星の王子さま”より

2013-05-22 21:24

It's been 70 years since one of my favorite writers passed away. His name is Niimi Nankichi (or Nankichi Niimi)(新美何吉).He was born in Handa city near my home town. Since he died when he was 30 years old, this year is the 100th anniversary of his birth. I graduated from the same high school that he attended.His short stories, especially "A Fox called Gon," are very much loved by many people.
I was touched by Gon's kindness in the story, and when he was shot, I couldn’t hold back my tears when I read it in my childhood.(2013.7.22)