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2013-05-24 21:06

My sisters-in-law and their family came to see us yesterday afternoon. I enjoyed talking with all 8 of them, but to be honest, I was a little relived when they finally said they had to go in the evening.(2013.7.24)

2013-05-24 18:53

My husband has sent us one box of Rokkatei cookies from Hokkaido. He is still in Sapporo, and he might have thought that we were waiting for the famous butter raisin sandwich cookies. My son and I have already eaten 16 out of the 20 which are individually wrapped. Then I called him this morning to ask him for another box and 11 extra boxes for our employees, and I told him not to forget to buy me Hokkaido White chocolates.(2013.6.21)
Yesterday evening, I spent hours looking for the battery charger for my digital camera which my husband used while traveling in Hokkaido for 13 days. I was not able to find it until I asked him if he knew where I had placed it. When he said that it was still in his traveling bag, I was relieved and also thought I had wasted a lot of time of time.
My son said that it became noisy in the house after my husband got back home, for while he was away, it was very quiet and he enjoyed the silence.(2013.6.23)