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2013-05-27 23:20

Today the temperature was 36 degrees Celsius in this region. People tend to forget how hot and humid it is after the rainy season. They keep saying that they hate rain and it's annoying, then everybody starts saying that the heat is unbearable. I've never said anything like that, I always retort, "I hope the rainy season lasts longer" whenever someone complains about the wet period. Recently it ended in the first week of July.

2013-05-27 21:04

The other day,I asked my son if he left his empty lunch boxes in his school since he had a lot of stuff to bring back home. Then he said I had finally become senile and hopeless because I had already taken them out of his rucksack and washed them as soon as he got back home. I wasted my time again looking for them. I was also disappointed to know that I cannot memorize vocabulary anymore with this forgetful brain of mine.(2013.6.30)

2013-05-27 21:02

The second regular exam season has started at my son's school. He surfed the Internet and watched movies after school this afternoon. Then he played the piano for awhile and cried out that he would not have enough time to study every subject. He finally has rushed into his room to study, but it was already 9 o'clock in the evening.(2013.6.28)

2013-05-27 20:54

These days my son sometimes asks me about European art history and painters. He has become interested in the subject recently. Maybe it is because of the influence of his friends. I think it's a good sign that he has been growing not only physically but also mentally.(2013.6.25)

2013-05-27 20:52

My son went to bed earlier than I yesterday, it's very rare for him because he stays up till 1 o'clock in the morning every day. Yesterday, he went up Mt. GOZAISHO(御在所) in his school trip for one day. Although he said he was tired, he looked happy. I think it is because he had a lot of fun with his schoolmates apart from school and he felt good when he was able to reach the summit.(2013.6.8)