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2013-09-02 15:42

From this April, my son will be in his third year at high school. I just hope that his school life goes well, and he will be able to make good use of his final year.
My son has gotten good results on the few exams which he has taken in the past 2 months. Now that he knows that he will be able to easily get into some universities that he had already planned to take the entrance examinations next year, he has changed his mind and has started aiming for more prestigious universities that have stricter admittance standards.(2013.5.31)
When my son got back home yesterday afternoon, I was lying on the sofa which is unusual for me. He asked me if I hadn't gone to my language school in surprise. I told him my toe was killing me even though I had been under treatment. Actually, it took me two hours to change the bandage at the clinic. Besides as soon as I got back home I felt nauseous and had a strong headache. I couldn't help sitting on the chair. Before I went to see my doctor I called the school and told the receptionist that I would not be able to go there, and asked her to say hello to my teachers. My son said that I needed to rest and that I wasn't wasting my time, when I said that it was a shame as I wasted my fee for three lessons.(2013.8.4)
I lost the appendix CD of my French glossary book some time ago. For some reason, I wanted to listen to it, but I was not able to find it as I anticipated. Unless I put away my belongings immediately after using them, I will continue to lose them. My son always tells me when I am looking for something that I should just avoid buying them because it's another way to waste time. Then I often get depressed as I was not able to carry out my new year's resolution this year again.(2013.9.22)