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2013-11-01 15:21

Tomorrow afternoon I have a meeting at one of the hotels in Nagoya. Most of all my son's teachers and a lot of mothers and some fathers will get together.
It is a kind of parent-teacher conference. The teachers are supposed to give us some advice on what students should do now and how parents can cope with our children who are on edge because the date of entrance examinations are close at hand. After the meeting we will have a buffet-style dinner party on the 13th floor there as usual.
When I was vacuuming my son's room this morning, I happened to see his report card under some books. The report card said my son is at the top of his science class which consists of 30 students. I have no idea why my son did not show me the remarkable results. However, he said that his score in the first term was better than one of his classmates who is aiming for medical school.
He doesn't have an intention to major in medical science at all, but it can motivate him to study something else, as he now knows that he has a lot of options.(2013.11.1)