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2013-12-07 23:56

Second from the right:ReikoJanvier(右から2人目が私です)
On Wednesday, I had three French people at my house. In the evening we went to a restaurant together. I had a fabulous night for the first time in a long time. This morning, before they left for France, they sent me a message, which said they also enjoyed themselves.

2013-12-06 20:00

Last Tuesday, in the interview at the Defense Force Academy, 3 Professors peppered my son with quick fire questions, and tried to find contradictions and inconsistencies in his answers. He said that they looked approachable at first, but soon became rigorous. In addition, the physical examination was also meticulous, which included blood, blood pressure and optometry tests. It must have been a valuable experience for him. He has learned that these interviews are not so straightforward, in order to screen out unacceptable applicants.(2013.12.6)

2013-12-06 19:30

This afternoon, there was a parent-teacher conference at my son's school. I didn't talk much there, so we finished the meeting 8 minutes earlier than his teacher had planned. I told the teacher that I would accept whatever results my son gets.(2013.12.18)

2013-12-06 19:12

On Tuesday, I got up at 3:10am and did a lot of housework and finished the routine by the time I woke my son up at 5:10. Even though he knew that it would be difficult to succeed in the physical examination and interview of the Defense Force Academy, he decided to go.
I heard that some candidates are intimidated by having to be interviewed by three examiners and give up. My son seems to have prepared a lot. He studied the current activities of the defense force and is well-informed on the issues of the day.
He doesn't think he will be able to recognize the letters and signs on eyesight test. The optometrist may wonder why my son would dare to take an exam with such terrible eyes, but I know that he just wanted to challenge himself.
The only thing that I was able to do was wish him luck.


2013-12-06 15:14

My son hurt his right arm in P.E. class the day before yesterday. A fast ball hit him when they were playing soccer, and he has an internal bleeding now. His doctor said that it would take at least 3 weeks to recover. My son says now that his arm is aching a lot he cannot hold a pen any more. The most important exam is coming soon, but he says it would be a good excuse if he fails.(2013.12.15)