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Defense Force Academy入試
2013-12-03 15:44

My son has passed the first stage of the entrance examination for the National Defense Academy which was composed of Mathematics 3, English and Chemistry. Next week he has to do the second stage which is composed of an interview and a medical examination. He says that in the questionnaire he has to write about his eyesight which is below 0. On top of that he has to say that he has had atopic dermatitis since he was born. Even though the National Defense Academy is his backup option, if he failed to make the grade he would be very disappointed so he really wants to pass. That said, he feels that he may be at a disadvantage because of his health issues.(2013.12.2)
高校3年の息子にDefense Force Academyの筆記試験(数学3・化学・英語etc.)の合格通知が届きました。来週の2次試験の面接と健康診断に持って行く健康検査調査票に息子が詳しく書き込んでいるうちに、視力が0.1以下で生まれながらのアトピー性皮膚炎であることがすごく不利な事気づました。坊主頭の飾り気ないイメージで、3年前に取得した英検2級と漢検2級の証明書を持ってインタビューを無事終えたとしても、肝心な健康面でアウトになるような気がしています。(検索にひっかかるといけないので大学名を英語名にしました。)