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2014-01-13 16:29

The third term of my son's school started today, but he only has 2 months left as a high school student. The graduation ceremony is going to be held at the end of February, then we will see which university he'll go to after April.(2014.1.7)
Some of the private universities have started to accept application forms. This morning I sent the examination fee for some fallback schools. The school where he really wants to go is a national university whose exam will be held at the end of February.(2014.1.9)
We`ve had nice weather recently, but everybody says that it will snow on the 18th and 19th when the University admissions examinations will be held since it has snowed almost every year around this time. In the past, a lot of high school students were delayed by the snow and struggled to get to the examination hall. I hope this year it will be a beautiful day for them and my son.(2014.1.13)
My son would like to go to the university in Tokyo where one of his web friends graduated from. I remember those days when my son often talked about him. He still respects him as he is good at music, very intelligent and plays the piano well. What he said swayed my son a lot.(2014.2.17)