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2014-01-22 11:58

Last November, my son took the entrance examination of the Defense Force Academy as a fallback school, and in December had to take the second step, an interview and physical examination. He was lucky enough to pass both exams, even though the fail rate was high, only one out of 12 boys pass. Last weekend he took the university admissions examination. He was able to get an 82. Now that he know his academic level, he is going to apply to his first-choice university.(2014.1.22)
去年受験した防衛大学の二次試験も通り12人の1人の難関を突破し合格した息子は第一志望の大学の準備に少しやる気が出てきたようです。1月18,19 日のセンター試験では、得意の国語の点が予定より20点も低かったので悲観していましたが、他の科目でカバーして合計82%の点を取れたのでなんとか国立理系へ挑戦できることがわかりました。後は運次第だと思っています。