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2014-01-27 00:34

I had a busy day yesterday. But while I was working until 9 o'clock in the evening, I checked my e-mail and surfed the Internet which has now become my habit. I admit that I am not an exemplary mother, that is why my son sticks to his iPhone and computer. Once he said that he would fail some entrance exams for universities since so many things distracted him. He decided not to buy a new computer for his room last year, but there are still 3 PCs in the living room. While I am sitting in front of one of them, my son also watches videos, mostly about army combat. Well, he can go to the university which he had passed recently instead of his first -choice one. He doesn’t study much, but I am just thankful that he is talkative with me and not an adolescent any more.(2014.1.26)