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2014-03-30 09:42

The store clerks in the electronics store were all amiable when I was looking at PCs. I didn't know the shop was supposed to close at 7 o'clock. They said they were very happy to have me even though I went there right before the shop closed. I noticed that the front door of the shop was already closed, but they said it was OK for me to look around until 8 o'clock. One of the clerks finally showed me the way out. I apologized to him that I disturbed and prolonged their work, but he thanked me since I bought one of the best models. There probably weren't many customers there today.(2015.7.29)
Mon fils m'a dit dans son courriel qu'il allait me donner des conseils pour les ordinateurs ( ça serait plus facile à gérer ) quand j'en achèterai un neuf. Je n'ai pas pu lui dire que j'avais déjà acheté un portable hier.
La dernière fois quand j'ai choisi un nouvel ordinateur moi-même il y a 3 ans, il était un peu de mauvaise humeur. Il pense qu'il s'y connait beaucoup en ordinateur, donc je dois compter sur lui, et cependant il ne l'utilise pas.
Peut-être il est attentionné.
Yesterday, my son sent me an e-mail and said that I should talk to him before purchasing a computer as he could tell me which one was best. I was not able to tell him that I had already bought one yesterday.
The last time I bought a laptop was about 3 years ago. He criticized me because the model I bought was not sophisticated in his opinion. Even though he has never used my computer he wants to help me choose one. He wants to look out for his mother.(3015.7.30)

2014-03-25 08:30

I was supposed to go to Tokyo again to buy daily living necessities, a piano for my son, and pay for the rest of the rent for his apartment this week. Yesterday, however, my son received word that he successfully passed the Aichi teachers college entrance exam and decided to go there to study mathematics, instead of going to Meiji to study science and technology. I've been busy sending cancellation letters to Meiji and the National Defense Academy. I went back and forth between my house and the post office to send registered express mails and matriculation fees. I thought he had wanted to go to Tokyo, so I am a little confused.(2014.3.25)

2014-03-23 08:26

I dropped by my piano teacher's place this afternoon. She said that her mother had gone to the concert that my son played the violin in. According to my teacher, she was so impressed by their performances and kept on talking about how fantastic they were.(2015.4.2)
I don't feel that cold even if it rains nowadays. I went out in a thin dress today in the rain for the first time this year..(2015.4.3)
Recently a friend of mine told me that she would be able to give my son piano lessons. She studied at one of the best private music universities, TOHO in Tokyo, and she still brings up some her students. When I told her that my son had already found a new teacher, she looked disappointed. (2015.4.4)

2014-03-23 01:05

I usually convince myself that I don't have a birthday. My husband is busy on the day almost every year, and we have never gone somewhere or had a party for me. He often says that I am rich enough to buy whatever I want. He used to buy me a bouquet of flowers before, but he chose flowers in primary colors even though I like pastel, so I told him not to buy them. He started buying plants, but I also didn't like them either since I had to take care of them. (2015.1.25)

2014-03-21 08:13

My son went on a trip with his friends for 3 days. After his high school graduation they got together at my house and had a big party. This time they went to Osaka, but I don't know where they are exactly. It's nice to know that my son has many good friends.(2014.3.21)