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2014-05-26 09:31

My father came and visited me accompanied by his driver yesterday. I served green tea with sweets to them and chatted for a while. It was a shame that my son went to his university orchestra club that morning, as they were not able to see each other.(2014.5.26)

2014-05-23 23:20

Yesterday I watched an American movie at a theater at Midland Square in Nagoya. The heroine of "Blue Jasmine" is a vain woman. She doesn't have anything upstairs, she is only a gold digger, as they say, who looks down on her younger sister because she works at a supermarket and her boyfriend who works at a factory. As for myself, I am not that interested in a woman who sells her beauty but is not that smart.(2014.5.23)

2014-05-22 09:28

One of my bad habits is that I carry a lot of stuff with me when go out. Recently, my son warned me not to put so many mechanical pencils and ballpoint pens in my handbag as I often lose them. Because I often lose them I want to carry spares. Unfortunately, yesterday was not my day, I lost my new pencil case and American cross pens somewhere. I had bought them at a bookstore as they were nice, and so I regretted not listening to my son. I feel run-down nowadays, so I canceled all the lessons at my language school yesterday and did household chores so that could relax in the evening. I should've left the pens an pencils at home since I didn't need them for shopping, but I do appreciate that it was not my credit cards and wallet that I lost, like in the past.(2014.5.31)
My husband and I have our wedding anniversary in two days. The 22nd of May was when we registered our marriage at city hall, the 24th is the day we had our actual wedding ceremony. 5月22、24日は結婚記念日でした。(2014.5.21)
It's been two years since my dog, Hana passed away. When I walk along the paths, all of my memories of her still come rushing back..I gave her some of the best years of her life. We were lucky to have each other.(2014.5.16)
These days I am busier than before, I can hardly find time to sit and relax. When my son was in high school, I thought I would be able to do more things after he started university. It's already the middle of May, but I still have too much on my plate. Last year I went to the movies a few times, and it's been 8 months since I went to the theater the last time. I think it's time to go now.(2014.5.15)
This evening, after dinner I watched the movie、 "Chopin: Desire for Love." In the middle of the movie, my favorite music "Waltz No.19 posthumous ( イ短調 遺作)” was used as background music. It was fantastic to listen to the piece which I used to play and my son also played in a student recital when he was an elementary school student.(2014.5.5)

2014-05-22 09:27

It was really nice to see my friend after more than a 3-year break. I hadn't imagined I'd chat with an American in French the whole time, but he is the best French speaker I have ever known. He was kind enough to visit my place even though he had a lot to do in a few weeks during your stay in Japan. (20134.6.13)
One of my young American friends is back in Japan for a while. He contacted me yesterday by Facebook , and says he wants to come and visit me when I have time. It was really nice to hear from him and to know that he has chosen this place to spend some time during his short sojourn. (2014.6.9)

2014-05-21 14:30

My husband and I have our wedding anniversary in two days. The 22nd of May was when we registered our marriage at city hall, the 24th is the day we had our actual wedding ceremony. (2014.5.21)