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2014-07-27 14:20

One of my blogger friends has become famous now in Japan. He had been accepted to many prestigious universities in Canada, even though he is only 13 years old. I admire his superior brains. Once, he sent me a message for my son in February that said "Congratulations to your son for winning the Aichi prefectural Governor's award !" I really felt close to him, but now he lives in a totally different world.(2014.7.27)

2014-07-27 08:54

A friend of mine who recently had an operation said that she appreciated my intention to visit her in hospital however she feels she is not up to receiving visitors just yet. I can imagine how sad she is. According to her doctor, her cancer case was incipient, but she didn't need a total removal of the breast. She was supposed to receive a partial mastectomy. However, the doctor decided to remove the whole breast since he found another tumor. Nowadays, reconstructive mammoplasty is very popular. She may be able to regain her figure.(2015.7.26)
Une amie a subi une mastectomie récemment, elle est encore à l'hôpital. Elle m'a dit que son docteur avait enlevé tout le sein, ça l'a complètement déprimée. Avant le docteur disait que son cas était très léger.