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2014-08-31 08:11

Happy New Year! I hope 2015 is a peaceful year for everyone. I was not able to do as much as I had wanted to last year, but I am thankful that I managed to continue to study languages little by little. Hopefully, I can still improve my English and French.(2015.1.1)
My life is the same, even in this month. I didn't do anything special during the Christmas season. During the day, I was swamped by visitors and my deskwork, but was able to watch a few DVDs in the evening this month, such as " The Sting""J Edgar"" Le Comte de Monte-Cristo" etc. Nowadays, my son watches the same ones which I rent from at the video shop. Whenever he gives me some opinions about those movies, I feel his comprehension is better than mine.(2014.12.28)
Last Sunday, my son played one pop song at a student piano concert. He is a university student and still goes to his piano lessons. He might be the oldest student among the students where he takes piano lessons. So he usually performs last in those types of concerts. This year, my son told me that I didn't need to go there, and that he would be embarrassed if I attended. But I wanted to record his performance, and made it this year too.(2014.12.10)

2014-08-30 08:18

Trains were delayed due to snow this morning. My son told me that he was stuck at the station for a long time waiting to go to university. My French teacher was not able to get here and she called me to cancel the lesson on her way. I haven't seen it snow this much in this region in ages.(2014.12.18)

2014-08-27 15:31

Yesterday when I was waiting for my father in the waiting room at the hospitaI, a man who looked to be in his mid 60s, spoke to me and asked me if I was from the same town where he lives now. When the staff of the department of ophthalmology called my father's name the man realized that the old man who was siting next to him was his former school teacher from over 50 years ago.
Unfortunately, my father's appearance has changed a lot because of age, the man didn't notice him when we sat down close to him, but he said that my father looked the same.
He started talking about his late wife and her parents who used to also be school teachers. To my surprise, my father mentioned those three people's full names before the man had them on his lips. He seemed to be impressed by my father's excellent memory. The man also remembered my father's name which may not be common, but it was amazing.
The man had to have an operation immediately since his doctor found the worst possible case of detached retina. My father and I said good luck to him.

Hier, un homme qui paraissait sexagénaire m'a adressé la parole. Il m'a demandé si mon père était du village où il habite lui-même. Quand le personnel a appelé mon père, il a réalisé que le vieil homme (mon père) était son professeur il y a 50 ans. Malheureusement mon père a beaucoup changé à cause de son âge, mais son nom est très spécial donc il n'a pas pu l'oublier. Il a commencé à parler de sa famille, et mon père a pu se souvenir de tous les noms de famille et prénoms, (donc il n'a pas besoin de dire.)
Il appartient aussi à une famille de professeurs et mon père les connaissait. Quand même, j'ai été surprise qu'ils aient une si bonne mémoire.
L'homme devait subir une opération tout de suite car il a un grand problème aux yeux, son docteur a diagnostiqué un décollement de la rétine.
Je lui ai dit bonne chance.(2015,8.26)
I left home as soon as my father called me and said he felt really bad yesterday morning.
Since the last time I accompanied him to the hospital, he hasn't been feeling well, but it was the first time that he said he wanted to see me immediately.
I was not able to finish my morning routine, but I drove as fast as I could to his house. He finally calmed down around noon, and let me go. I am afraid that there will be many days like today for a while.

Je suis allée chez mon père ce matin car il m'avait téléphoné pour me dire qu'il était malade. Je n'ai pas pu finir mes petits travaux domestiques avant de sortir. Mon père était au lit, mais il a beaucoup parlé, et cependant sa voix était fluette. C'est la première fois que mon père m'a demandé de venir le voir tout de suite.
Après trois heures, il s'est calmé et il m'a laissé retourner chez moi.
J'ai peur qu'il y ait des jours comme ça à partir de maintenant.
( 2015.9.7)

2014-08-23 13:58

My father called me this morning to make sure if I would be able to accompany him to the hospital next Wednesday.He knows that a few months of treatment has yet to heal his eye, but at least we could chat a lot in the waiting room at the hospital. We have never talked to each other this much before.
Mon père m'a demandé si je pouvais aller a l'hôpital mercredi prochain.
Nous nous sommes beaucoup parlés dans la salle d'attente récemment.
Je n'aurais pas passé autant de temps avec lui s'il n'avait pas eu de problème à l'œil.(2015.8.23)
Yesterday afternoon, I had two friends of mine stop by in a row.
I couldn't find words to comfort my friend when she said that her husband had died of cancer. I remembered that he was 2 years younger than me. She looked nervous and worried about her three children. All of them are smart and especially her only girl who studies at Nagoya university and is very pretty.
She continued talking in my living room until my next visitor rang the door bell.
She started to ask me something, but the other visitor came in. It was the first time for them to meet each other.
Hier,j'ai reçu beaucoup de visiteurs après que je sois rentrée chez moi. Je suis allée à l'école de langue, au supermarché, au vidéoclub, et au magasin d' appareil photo. Pendant que je classais mes sachets j'ai reçu deux de mes amies à la suite. L'une qui habite dans le quartier et qui est venue sans prévenir, a dit que son mari est décédé récemment, l'autre voulait me parler de ses enfants et du restaurant où nous sommes allées ensemble.

2014-08-14 09:20

It was fantastic to see one of my friends who got to know my son through the Internet. He dropped by our house on his way to Kyoto during his short vacation. My son had doubted he would come to see us since he is a busy man. Once my husband and I went to the concert where he played Chopin's songs on the piano. I wish the young, talented man a good luck in everything he does.(2014.8.13)