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2014-09-23 10:04

A friend of mine underwent an operation about two months ago. She had lost weight and looked like a walking skeleton before that. And now, because of the illness she became even thinner and doesn't look healthy at all. She is always on a diet as far as I know, but she doesn't need to do it anymore.
Une des mes amies a subi une opération il y a 2 mois. Avant elle suivait un régime tous les jours, et elle a maigri . Maintenant elle n'a plus besoin d'être à la diète, elle est très mince à cause de da maladie. Elle n'a pas l'air en bonne santé.(2015.10.28)
She is kind of anorexic. She doesn't eat anything at the dinner table, she just watches her family members eat,according to her.

2014-09-23 09:24

We were able to go to Tokyo just as we had planned, as the Typhoon didn't hit the Kanto region. A few blogger friends of mine were waiting for us on the Shinkansen station platform, which made me happy. I was supposed to meet one of them, and she asked her other friends to join us. We chatted over coffee, then my husband and I reluctantly left.
I also enjoyed a concert whilst in Tokyo,in which my son's piano teacher played. I thought she was the most beautiful and talented woman amongst the performers as well as the youngest
My son must have felt honored.(2015.7.17)

2014-09-23 08:44

I can't wear some pairs of shoes because my ankle is still swollen and I walk slowly. My French teacher said that it had taken him about one year to recover from a similar injury a few years ago, and it still acts up sometimes. Since then, he hasn't played his favorite game, badminton. Maybe it will take longer for me to get better as I am much older than him.
Je m'énerve à cause de ma blessure, car je ne peux pas courir. Je voudrais toujours finir mon travail rapidement pour pouvoir faire ce que je veux après. Mais maintenant j'ai besoin du double du temps pour tous les travaux. Aujourd'hui je vais à l'hôpital pour accompagner mon père, c'est dur pour moi de marcher dans le grand bâtiment. Mon père, il ne le sait pas.

2014-09-23 08:43

Autumn has been very short in recent years. When I was younger, we would wear clothes for spring and autumn for a few months. Maybe this year also, we will immediately put on winter clothes after these consecutive warm days
Nous avions besoin de vêtements d'automne quand j'étais jeune, mais ces derniers temps nous portons des habits pour hiver tout de suite.(2016,10.25)

2014-09-23 08:22

My son's piano teacher graduated from the top music university in Japan. I am going to a concert this month where she and her colleagues will play the piano. Tokyo is far from here, but I don't want to miss it.(2015.7.4)