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2014-09-01 23:17

My husband prepared an electric hot carpet for the outside cats under the eaves this morning. They are feral, so they wouldn't come into the house. They run to me every time they see me, but still don't let me touch them. The cat which passed away recently must have had an owner before as he always came close to me to be petted.(2014.12.14)
When I finally finish my work, clean up the kitchen and do the ironing, I usually drink a couple of beers with snacks. Recently I had a big week at my workplace. Even though I had so much paper work leftover, when it was over I felt like watching movies and drinking beer. It had been a while since I had watched any movies. The last one I had watched was "Miss. Potter", so Sunday afternoon, I rented "Remains of the day" "Saving private Ryan" and "Congeniality"; 3 different DVDs from different genres. It is usually rare for me to be able to watch all the movies I rent, but this time I made time for them. I still find it hard to understand all the dialogue in them, so I must keep studying English. (2014.12.5)
I went my language school's year end party yesterday evening. At the restaurant, everyone was friendly and spoke to me. I enjoyed myself, and it made me forget how cold it was outside.(2014.12.6)
The stray cat that I had been taking care of passed away this afternoon. I named him "Gyaogyao" since he mewed like that. He slept soundly in my house last week, not in our garage. His snoring was really loud and could be heard from far away. I don't regret having spent time and money on him and everybody around me has said he was lucky to meet me at the end of his life. I liked him as he trusted me and purred when I petted him. I will bury him next to my departed dog, Hana.(2014.11.27)
Recently one of the stray cats around my house decided to stay in my garage. He would occasionally come as I sometimes fed him. Around that time his face was already miserable because he had been injured in a fight and lost his nose. Now, his whole face has become seriously disfigured due to what I believe to be an infection. Lots of people say they are repulsed by his face because his jaw is missing as well as his nose. Also he tends to drool all the time and his eyes are full of puss and stuck shut. It's all quite a sight. I talked to a vet a month ago after I realized that he might be in pain. The vet said I could put him down or give him medicine and I decided on the latter. Nowadays, he trusts me and when I pet him he purrs, previously he would hiss at me. I've decided to feed him and take care of him until he is gone. People may think it's disgusting but here is his photo.(2014.11.17)