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2014-09-12 19:35

I was tired of waiting for the troop of autumn festival goers which usually attend the festival that is held every year at this time by the Shinto shrine and people of this community. My husband is always away from home so that he can avoid being bothered on the festival day, but I usually have to stay home and give the group a gratuity and say congratulations after some people have danced with lion masks on.
I regret to say that I am not always a person who respects regional tradition, especially today I was not happy since I was not able to leave for Nagoya this afternoon. Today they were behind schedule and almost two hours later than I had expected, so I called my language school to tell them I would be absent.(2014.10.11)

2014-09-12 09:16

A friend mine has told me that some of her acquaintances had had bad luck after they were unkind to her. They may have been coincidences, but one of them had a car accident and died, another fell from a tree and became paralyzed from the neck down, and the other has dementia and cannot recognize even her own family now. According to my friend, she felt something invisible, like the power of Lord Buddha and was protected by it. There are some mysterious phenomena in our surroundings. She must believe in Karma. ( 2014.1029)