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2014-09-21 12:57

This morning I was delighted to receive an e- mail from Melbourne. One of my former teachers at my language school contacted me after a 20 year break. She had happened to find me on our mutual friend's Face book page. Even though I had kept in touch with her and her mother for a few years until my son was born, I became lazy about writing letters. She said she still remembered when I had invited her to restaurants.She also came to my house with my other Canadian teacher and we spent the whole day together. Her mail brought back a lot of memories of those days.(2015.1.13)
My American teacher didn't feel well this morning. He might have influenza. He canceled my lesson, which is very rare, though. Instead, I was able to find time to finish a lot of chores. It was nice for a change.(2015.1.15)

2014-09-21 09:19

My son's former piano teacher was hit by a car in November and was hospitalized for one month. When I sent her a sympathy gift recently, she said she had not been able to recuperate from the injury. Two months later, she is still struggling with pain. Besides being much younger than I, she is a person who takes care of herself, but just had some bad luck. (2015.1.17)

2014-09-21 09:17

I went to a party for my former English teacher who got marred recently. I was surprised that there were so many people there to celebrate their wedding. And I was stunned by his family members who are all tall, gorgeous and distinguished. I felt out of place.(2014.11.10)

2014-09-21 08:48

We had a tax audit last week. Three officers came for 4 days straight, but they were not able to check all the accounts which I have kept every day for the past 4 years.(2015.2.7)

2014-09-21 08:20

On Mondays, a friend of mine comes to work, or I should say, she comes to help me, but nowadays I cannot find anything to ask her to do. I pay her a 3-hour part-time wage, but we often chat and do nothing. I am such a pushover. When She begged me to give her a job, I was not able to turn her down. (2015.2.23)