現在猫6匹のみ、初めて犬のいない暮らしをしています。ピアノ、英語、フランス語歴は長いですが、数年前からドイツ語勉強し始めました。ブログの名前は“Le Petit Prince 星の王子さま”より

2014-09-25 16:07

After 6 days my cat Chappy(チャッピー)is finally back from the vet. It was all a bit expensive but thanks to the vet he is better and is eating well. We hope that he may be able to live a little longer than we expected.
This time of year my son often caught colds when he was small. I had forgotten about it until he said that he didn’t feel well recently and was not able to go to his teaching practicum. Fortunately he managed to play the violin in his school orchestra at a few events which were held at a kindergarten, an elementary school and a school for the physically and mentally handicapped this month. Since he and his group played music for children, they chose songs which are popular among young people. I hope those young children grow interested in music instruments. I also hope that my son will continue playing the piano and violin so that he can make use of his spare time in the future. (2014.9.24)