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2014-12-10 20:51

Last Sunday, my son played one pop song at a student piano concert. He is a university student and still goes to his piano lessons. He might be the oldest student among the students where he takes piano lessons. So he usually performs last in those types of concerts. This year, my son told me that I didn't need to go there, and that he would be embarrassed if I attended. But I wanted to record his performance, and made it this year too.(2014.12.10)
My husband prepared an electric hot carpet for the outside cats under the eaves this morning. They are feral, so they wouldn't come into the house. They run to me every time they see me, but still don't let me touch them. The cat which passed away recently must have had an owner before as he always came close to me to be petted.(2014.12.14)
Trains were delayed due to snow this morning. My son told me that he was stuck at the station for a long time waiting to go to university. My French teacher was not able to get here and she called me to cancel the lesson on her way. I haven't seen it snow this much in this region in ages.(2014.12.18)