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2015-03-30 20:34

Yesterday we had a memorial service with all the relatives at a temple for my brother-in-law who passed away last year. We later went to a Japanese restaurant, and enjoyed eating and drinking while catching up.(2015.3.29)

2015-03-23 09:26

According to my French teachers, French people are not good at speaking English like most Japanese people. Unlike other European countries, the French education curriculum does't attach great importance to English.(2015.3.27)
Today it was warm and sunny. Wherever I went, I saw many people taking in the cherry blossoms.(2015.3.31)
Today I summarized the movie "The Lives of Others” in French for my French teacher. He said that he hadn't watched it yet, but got the outline perfectly.(2015.3.25)
I didn't know that Japanese dried fish flakes, or as we call it, bonito, had been banned as an export to Europe since the process to make it breaches the regulations of the EU.(2015.3.24)
Recently, I received a fraudulent mail, which says I haven't paid a fee for adult entertainment content and If I don't call them immediately, they will take legal action, meaning I will be sued, that is.(2015.3.23)
Yesterday evening, I watched " Das Leben der Anderen, The Lives of Others,善き人のためのソナタ". It was the second time to rent the DVD, but tears welled up again at the ending.(2015.3.22)
Recently I went to an electrical appliances store, drug store and super market with my son who helped me carry all the stuff. It was nice of him, but I felt busier than when I went shopping alone. (2015.3.18)

2015-03-21 18:46

The topic of the Aum sarin attack has been in the newspapers and on the Internet in the last few days, as it is the 20th anniversary this year. One of the cult leader's daughters says her father should be hanged. She says she's "sorry to be alive" during an interview with The Japan Times. (2015.3.20)

2015-03-19 20:39

One of my French teachers recently came back to Japan from her vacation. The last time she was here she said she would bring her mother and would like to introduce her to me when she came to my house. Unfortunately, her mother's sister ( my teacher's aunt ) is seriously ill now. Her mother was not able to leave her older sister alone. (2015.3.19)

2015-03-15 22:54

One of my blogger friends sent me some wonderful presents. She said that it was a pleasure for her to give me some cute, handcrafted hamsters. The best present of all is her handwritten letter. I'd like to write back to her soon one of these days.(2015.3.15)