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2015-05-30 15:32

My younger brother had a narrow escape the other day. He had an anaphylactic reaction to a raw shrimp he had eaten. While he was in an ambulance, he thought he was going to die as he heard the Paramedics saying the situation was becoming critical even though he was fading in and out of consciousness. My nephew noticed his father looked in distress, but thanks to CPR being administered he survived. (2015.5.30)
My brother was in the ICU for a few days a week ago. He has left the hospital but has not been able to fully recovered from the the anaphylactic shock. He still can't speak naturally because his throat feels constricted. His daughter also lost her appetite because she witnessed the emergency.(2015.6.3)

映画 アメリカン・ビューティー
2015-05-29 04:48

I watched the movie "American Beauty". An ordinary businessman becomes infatuated with an attractive high school girl who is his daughter's best friend. She boasts about her beauty and her popularity, but she is actually a virgin. The boy who lives next door looks weird, but I found that he is straightforward. The boy's father is a macho veteran who is very strict and conservative. Later he turns out to be a closet homosexual. The movie shows what is supposed to be a classic American family with a typical teenage daughter, but in reality, the family is a dysfunctioal.(2015.5.29)

2015-05-25 13:41

J'ai vu le film d'une femme très courageuse.
Veronica Guerin était une journaliste irlandaise en criminalité qui a été assassinée le26 juin 1996 par des seigneurs de la drogue, un événement dramatique qui a aidé à établir le bureau criminel de capitaux(Criminal Assets Bureau).

2015-05-22 10:11

I often watch old films because they don't have trailers, I can start watching them immediately.
Yesterday I watched "There's Something About Mary (1998 film) . I was going to enjoy only half of it because it was late and I was sleepy, but ended up watching it all.
I don't think there are many women like the heroine who are so attractive and also sweet. I have a preconception that beautiful women are aloof. They aren't interested in plain, and especially unprepossessing women. In the movie Mary is very nice to everyone even to elderly people. It was a nice fun movie.(2015.5.21)

2015-05-18 12:20

The movie "Brothers" is the story about a young man who comforts his older brother's wife and children after he goes missing in Afghanistan. But when the older brother finally comes back he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and suspects his wife is cheating on him with his brother.