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Scent of a woman夢の香り
2015-06-14 20:47

"Scent of a woman"
Charlie is a student at a boarding school who needs to find some part time work to support himself. He finds employment with a retired soldier who was a lieutenant Colonel in the US Army. He is completely blind and on the surface he is full of bravado. He puts up a front of confidence however underneath he has lost all hope for the future. Charlie is an innocent ,ethical 17 year old, who is puzzled by tlhe LT Col. eccentric behavior and his sharp tongue, but learns that the old man feels lonely at heart and always tries to be dignified.
This human drama has really touched my heart. (The actress who dances a tango is very attractive.)In one scene Charlie has a dilemma,He is put in a very difficult position by the School Principal. However what made me angry was Charlie's 'so-called' friends reaction to this situation. (2015.6.14)