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2015-06-19 09:15

My former private teacher who lives in New York stays in Japan only 6 days this week. It's a very short visit, but he came over to see us yesterday. It's been three and a half years since he left Japan, As soon as I saw him at the station to pick him up, we picked up right where we left off. Quand je l'ai vu à la gare, c'était comme si on s'était quitté la veille.( 2015.6.18)
3年半前にアメリカへ帰国した以前のプライベートティーチャーと再会しました。現在の先生はその人の友人です。お寿司さんでしばらく時を過ごし駅へ送りました。Je l'ai déposé à la gare, il avait les larmes aux yeux. Ça m'a ému.

Yesterday, when my American teacher was leaving the airport, I was with my blogger friends in Yokohama, so I could not write him to say that I would miss him and that he should come back to visit Japan again soon. I regretted that I hadn't studied much as I have spoiled myself these past few years, but I am determined to improve my English a little more to prepare for the next opportunity to meet him.( 2015,6.22)