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2015-08-19 08:52

I went to a restaurant, L'AUBERGE DE L'ILL on the 42nd floor of Midland Square last night with my husband, my son, my sister-in-law, and all of the family members of my friend. She has three children, all of them are very smart and musically talented. Our children were the guests of honour, and the evening centred around them. My friend's husband was one of my son's former junior high school teachers (one of his favourite teachers), so it was a fantastic reunion.(2025.8.18)
Je suie allée au restaurant L'AUBERGE DE L'ILL au 42ème étage de la tour Midland Square avec ma famille ( mon mari,mon fils, ma belle soeur) et tous les membres de la famille de mon amie qui a trois enfants. C'était une bonne soirée.

2015-08-17 09:45

I went to a concert at the Aichi Prefectual Art Theater yesterday evening.
I had been looking forward to it since it was announced. The concert was held by The Aichi Teachers College Orchestra and they performed well as usual.
I am always thrilled by the sound of the symphony.
Je suis allée à un concert à Nagoya avec ma famille et un de mes professeurs de français hier. J'aime toujours l'ambiance de la salle de concert. Je me suis amusée comme d'habitude. Nous sommes allés au restaurant après le concert, et nous sommes beaucoup parlé .(2015.8.17)

2015-08-14 09:20

Two young boys from England visited me in the afternoon on the 8th of August. They were staying with one of my neighborhood friends, and she was hoping I could give her guests a tour of our temple, and speak to them in English, as she and her husband only speak Japanese. The boys are only 16 years old, but they skipped a grade and are already college students. As Boy Scouts, they have travelled to Japan during the summer holidays. Not only are they are smart, polite, nice looking and tall, but they played the piano in my living room very well. I thought they have a promising future to become leaders in their country.
Hier,deux garçons d'Angleterre sont venus chez moi dans l'après-midi. Ils sont très grands et beaux, et n'ont encore que 16 ans, mais sont déjà étudiants à l'université. L'un d'eux a joué du piano dans mon salon, il a aussi du talent musical .

2015-08-13 08:35

"9 歳までに地頭を鍛える37の秘訣"written by 大川栄美子( Emiko Ookawa) introduces a method of how to raise our children. According to her, even babies can learn a lot if parents are wise enough to encourage their newborn babies to learn. From that age some can be bright, or even become a prodigy like her son, Sho Ookwa. He was already a high school student when he was 12 years old, and after he skipped a grade and was able to be accepted and offered scholarships at the five best universities in Canada at the age of 14. 実録!翔の『極楽カナダ生活』
As I thought, the amazing boy has a brilliant mother.
She is not only a remarkable lawyer, but has been teaching people who wish to pass the National Bar Examination. No doubt she is talented in many ways.
Un garçon japonais de 14 ans est déjà étudiant car il a obtenu une bourse pour la première université du Canada. Sa mère a écrit comment elle l'avait élevé, et le livre à été publié récemment. Elle est avocate, et intelligente aussi . Elle m'a envoyé son livre en cadeau. C'est la deuxième fois que je reçois un livre de cette famille, avant son fils en a écrit un lui-même et m'en a donné un.(2015.8.13)

2015-08-07 21:04

Last Wednesday,my husband and I went to a concert of the NHK Nagoya junior philharmonic orchestra. The hall was full of people and the music was thrillingly beautiful.
One of my son's former school teachers' wife is now my friend. She had given me the tickets for that concert, since their daughter played the violin in the orchestra. She passed the audition about a year and a half ago. They must be proud of their smart, pretty and talented daughter. One year she was taking English lessons with a native speaker who I had introduced her to. She became confident after she got used to being around a foreign teacher, according to them.
Mercredi dernier, mon mari et moi sommes allés au concert de l'orchestre symphonique de la NHK jeunesse à Nagoya. La sale était pleine. Les musiciens sont mineurs, mais professionnels parce qu'ils ont réussi une audition.
Une amie m'a apporté deux tickets pour le concert, car sa fille a joué du violon dans l'orchestre.(2015.8.7)