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2015-10-01 08:31

Yesterday morning I had an unannounced visitor. He said that I hadn't changed since he saw me last. It was nice of him to say that. So I said to him that he looked much younger than my father even though they are the same age.
I had to leave after an hour since my father was waiting for me at a clinic in Nagoya, so I couldn't talk to him long. He looked fine, but he shuffled like my father. I hurried to the station to get an earlier train.

Hier, un homme a demandé à me voir sans préavis. J'ai seulement parlé avec lui pendant 5 minutes, mais il a semblé content, m'a dit merci et que je n'avais pas changé. Il n'était pas venu depuis longtemps, il est devenu âgé comme mon père qui a le même âge que lui.


The other day, my nephew and his wife came to my place to bring us an invitation for their wedding ceremony and reception. They are already married and at the end of this year, they are going to have a big party with their friends and relatives including my son. My husband and I bought a present for them and gave them a monetary gift already. Today, I gave my nephew's wife my old ring with small diamonds which I used to wear when I was in my twenties.

Mon neveu et sa femme sont venus pour apporter une lettre d'invitation pout leur cérémonie de mariage et leur repas de noces. Ils sont déjà mariés civilement, maintenant nous attendons le jour de la fête.
Je leur ai donné un cadeau et de l'argent comme d'habitude au Japon.
Aujourd'hui, j'ai donné une bague de diamants à la femme de mon neveu, que je mettais quand j'abais une vingtaine d'années.