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2015-11-28 06:48

The liquor store near my house is going to close next month. When I ordered a few boxes of beer, some beverages, canned coffee and apple juice, etc. the late owner's wife said that it was time to close for good. Since her husband passed away 23 years ago, she has been working hard to run the shop. I am one of her loyal customers who ask her to deliver, but recently many people buy alcohol at a supermarket or mega market.

Le magasin d'alcool de mon quartier va fermer.
Aujourd'hui, j'ai demandé de la bière et des canettes de café, la femme les a livré hier soir. Elle a dit qu'elle devait fermer le magasin car tout le monde fait ses courses au supermarché. Elle a beaucoup travaillé depuis que son mari est mort il y a 23 ans.


2015-11-26 10:16

In Japan, several religions are respected and coexist with each other, which is unique from other countries. Modern Japanese society is largely secular, and people don't cause any friction over their different beliefs. It is a shame if religion doesn't allay people's fears and worries, but leaves only tension and hatred.
Au Japon on ne se dispute pas à propos de religion. Spécialement dans ces temps modernes il y n'a pas de tensions ni de frictions qui sont venues de la religion. C'est dommage qu'on ne goûte pas à une paix profonde et qu'on conçoive de la haine à cause de la religion.

2015-11-20 08:41

My son has asked me what aspects of Japanese culture we could be proud of. I told him that I was not sure if it was culture or not, but we should proud of the punctuality of our trains, and the fact that passengers wait calmly in line and the train always stops directly in front of them. This shows our typical Japanese disposition which is relatively well-regulated and systematic.(2015.11.20)
Mon fils m'a demandé de quel aspect de la culture japonaise je peux être fière devant les pays étrangers. Je ne sais pas si ça fait partie de la culture ou non, mais je lui a dit que les japonais sont disciplinés quand ils attendent dans la queue. Les trains arrivent à temps et s'arrêtent à la place ou ils doivent s'arrêter.
Généralement les japonais sont respectent les règles.

It also may not be culture, but lot of people have told me that even if Japanese people in disaster stricken areas suffer from shortages of necessities, they remain relatively well-mannered and disciplined.
What is more, there are few instances of looting or violence that are so common in other countries following these types of events. I think that this discipline is typical of Japanese nature.(2015.11.21)
Au Japon beaucoup d'étrangers disent qu'il n'y a pas de grands crimes, et on attend dans la queue pour acheter ou obtenir quelque chose dans les régions sinistrées. Même si on a des difficultés, la plupart des gens ont du savoir-vivre et pensent aux autres.

" I think Japan has a lot to be proud of. I've never met anyone who has been to Japan and had a bad experience."

2015-11-15 11:20

The news of the coordinated, simultaneous terror attacks in Paris was a big shock, even to me who is ignorant and indifferent about politics. I cannot imagine the nightmares happening all over the world as it is peaceful here.

It was drizzling outside when I left my language school this afternoon. I didn't feel cold at all even though I got a little wet, and I didn't feel much pain today on my side thanks to the warm weather. My chronic pain is not a big problem anyway.

La nouvelle des attaques terroristes coordonnées était un grand choc pour le monde. Je ne peux pas croire qu'il y ait des personnes qui obéissent aux ordres pour leur conviction.

One of my French teachers gave birth last month. She didn't tell me when it initially happened, but she finally sent me a photo of her baby girl yesterday after the news of the terrorist attack. She said that she was very happy even though France had just experienced one of the worst terrorist attacks in French history.
Une de mes professeurs a accouché d'une fille le mois dernier. Elle ne m'a rien dit jusqu'à hier quand la nouvelle de attaques de terroristes est tombée. Elle est très heureuse bien que le monde soit en désordre.

2015-11-12 10:12

Yesterday, we had a birthday party for my father at a restaurant where I have dinner sometimes, and used to go with my parents when my mother was alive.
My father looked well, but he complained he was not able to hear and it was hard for him to join our conversation. I invited the couple who help my father everyday. They are becoming older now too.
We all ate a delicious Japanese course but my nephew and I also wanted to eat a filet steak so one week earlier the owner of the restaurant special ordered filet steaks from Tochigi prefecture.

Hier nous avons eu une fête pour notre père au restaurant où je dînais avec mes parents quand ma mère vivait.
Mon père a paru bien mieux qu'avant et a bien mangé. J'ai commandé du filet en plus pour moi, c'était très bon.