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2015-11-15 11:20

The news of the coordinated, simultaneous terror attacks in Paris was a big shock, even to me who is ignorant and indifferent about politics. I cannot imagine the nightmares happening all over the world as it is peaceful here.

It was drizzling outside when I left my language school this afternoon. I didn't feel cold at all even though I got a little wet, and I didn't feel much pain today on my side thanks to the warm weather. My chronic pain is not a big problem anyway.

La nouvelle des attaques terroristes coordonnées était un grand choc pour le monde. Je ne peux pas croire qu'il y ait des personnes qui obéissent aux ordres pour leur conviction.

One of my French teachers gave birth last month. She didn't tell me when it initially happened, but she finally sent me a photo of her baby girl yesterday after the news of the terrorist attack. She said that she was very happy even though France had just experienced one of the worst terrorist attacks in French history.
Une de mes professeurs a accouché d'une fille le mois dernier. Elle ne m'a rien dit jusqu'à hier quand la nouvelle de attaques de terroristes est tombée. Elle est très heureuse bien que le monde soit en désordre.