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2015-11-28 06:48

The liquor store near my house is going to close next month. When I ordered a few boxes of beer, some beverages, canned coffee and apple juice, etc. the late owner's wife said that it was time to close for good. Since her husband passed away 23 years ago, she has been working hard to run the shop. I am one of her loyal customers who ask her to deliver, but recently many people buy alcohol at a supermarket or mega market.

Le magasin d'alcool de mon quartier va fermer.
Aujourd'hui, j'ai demandé de la bière et des canettes de café, la femme les a livré hier soir. Elle a dit qu'elle devait fermer le magasin car tout le monde fait ses courses au supermarché. Elle a beaucoup travaillé depuis que son mari est mort il y a 23 ans.