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2015-12-31 23:15

Happy New Year!
May this be a happy and fruitful year for everyone!

I would like to thank you all for visiting my blog!
I may not be able to post my entries often, but I'd like to continue my blog at my pace.

Bon année!

Je vous remercie de regarder mon blog,
je voudrais continuer à écrire des articles en anglais et en français.


2015-12-29 14:54

It was a warm, clear day yesterday. The concert hall where the Nagoya junior orchestra performed was a five-minute-walk from the nearest station.
People feel busier than usual this time of year, but I was overwhelmed by the large number of people gathered there. They must have been taking advantage of their holidays to see this annual event. Most of the pieces of music were well known.
It was good to listen to them and escape thoughts of work. I especially liked "The Phantom of the Opera" which they played last.
NHK名古屋青少年交響楽団のコンサートへ行ってきました。" ウインザーの陽気な女房たち" "威風堂々"、オペラ座の怪人"など好きな曲ばかり、演奏も素晴らしかったです。
My English teacher and his wife gave me some wonderful Christmas presents, 5 DVDs of the Agatha Christie movies, which really made my day.
Un de mes professeurs à l'école de langue m'a offert des DVD de films à suspense d'Agatha Christie, ça m'a fait plaisir.

"Cast Away"
2015-12-24 16:45

In the movie,"Castaway," it is impressive to see how the hero vigorously survives in isolation with dim hopes.
The hero feels lonely again after his miraculous return to civilization, and he thinks his life hasn't changed because he is essentially alone again, but the last scene made me feel relieved, as he gives a vague smile.
Later, I read a review on it, and realized how significant the unopened box he brought back from the island was.
Je suis soulagée que le héros sourie vaguement à la dernière scène dans le film"Cast away". Il est triste après être rentré chez lui. Il pense qu'il est de nouveau totalement seul comme quand il était sur son îlot, sa vie n'a pas changé.
Je n'avais pas pu réaliser l'importance de la boîte qu'il emporte avec lui avant d'avoir lu le commentaire du film. (2015.12.24)
トム・ハンクス主演の映画で最近見た"Cast Away"の他に"Forest Gamp""Saving Private Ryan""Captain Phillips"など心に残っています。
Recently it was announced in the newspaper that my father will receive an award from the government. It's called the Order of the Sacred Treasure(瑞宝双光章). It's given to those who have contributed to society. My father before he retired was a Junior HS and elementary school principal. He was,still is shelf-imposed person,has a strong sense of responsibility.

2015-12-16 18:56

When I was a child, I was rarely happy when I was with my younger brother. He was a bit shrewd, he often pretended as if he had done nice things for our parents by himself, even though it was me who had carried out those thankless tasks thinking of our parents. I was too timid and reticent to tell my parents the truth, then later, I often felt sad when they thanked my brother and favored him. I still look back on those days when I go to my father's place, I regret my passivity.
Je me souviens du temps où j'étais petite. Mes parents aimaient beaucoup mon frère , j'étais toujours triste. Mon frère était fort pour faire plaisir à mes parents, il feignait d'être un bon garçon, et moi, j'étais le contraire, très gauche.
Generally, women are romantic, and they expect fancy presents from their partners.
One of my language teachers said she was disappointed when she received a pair of socks from her boyfriend for her birthday and decided to leave him. I think there must have many reasons why she decided to break up with him, but because of the last small incident she was not able to continue the relationship. It was the straw that broke the camel's back
As for myself, I rarely get birthday presents from my husband, but I've never been upset with him.

2015-12-12 09:19

Yesterday, I watched a movie called "Albert Nobbs" set in 19th Century Ireland, which I recommend everyone watch. It shows how tough life was in the past for common women.
In the movie, two women disguise themselves as men, and I almost believed they were played by male actors.
The heroine played by Glenn Close, is an honest, serious and plain woman who dresses in waiter's clothes in order to work for a living. I was moved by the protagonist's strong determination to endure the hard work.
It was an unforgettable movie which moved me to tears.(2015.12.12)
L'histoire du film " Albert Nobbs" se passe au 19 ème siècle en Irlande .
Une femme s'est déguisée et a vécu comme un serveur et personne ne l'a remarquée.
J'étais émue par sa vie mais aussi triste car son rêve ne s'est pas réalisé bien qu'elle ait travaillé sérieusement.