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2015-12-12 09:19

Yesterday, I watched a movie called "Albert Nobbs" set in 19th Century Ireland, which I recommend everyone watch. It shows how tough life was in the past for common women.
In the movie, two women disguise themselves as men, and I almost believed they were played by male actors.
The heroine played by Glenn Close, is an honest, serious and plain woman who dresses in waiter's clothes in order to work for a living. I was moved by the protagonist's strong determination to endure the hard work.
It was an unforgettable movie which moved me to tears.(2015.12.12)
L'histoire du film " Albert Nobbs" se passe au 19 ème siècle en Irlande .
Une femme s'est déguisée et a vécu comme un serveur et personne ne l'a remarquée.
J'étais émue par sa vie mais aussi triste car son rêve ne s'est pas réalisé bien qu'elle ait travaillé sérieusement.