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2015-12-16 18:56

When I was a child, I was rarely happy when I was with my younger brother. He was a bit shrewd, he often pretended as if he had done nice things for our parents by himself, even though it was me who had carried out those thankless tasks thinking of our parents. I was too timid and reticent to tell my parents the truth, then later, I often felt sad when they thanked my brother and favored him. I still look back on those days when I go to my father's place, I regret my passivity.
Je me souviens du temps où j'étais petite. Mes parents aimaient beaucoup mon frère , j'étais toujours triste. Mon frère était fort pour faire plaisir à mes parents, il feignait d'être un bon garçon, et moi, j'étais le contraire, très gauche.
Generally, women are romantic, and they expect fancy presents from their partners.
One of my language teachers said she was disappointed when she received a pair of socks from her boyfriend for her birthday and decided to leave him. I think there must have many reasons why she decided to break up with him, but because of the last small incident she was not able to continue the relationship. It was the straw that broke the camel's back
As for myself, I rarely get birthday presents from my husband, but I've never been upset with him.