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2015-12-29 14:54

It was a warm, clear day yesterday. The concert hall where the Nagoya junior orchestra performed was a five-minute-walk from the nearest station.
People feel busier than usual this time of year, but I was overwhelmed by the large number of people gathered there. They must have been taking advantage of their holidays to see this annual event. Most of the pieces of music were well known.
It was good to listen to them and escape thoughts of work. I especially liked "The Phantom of the Opera" which they played last.
NHK名古屋青少年交響楽団のコンサートへ行ってきました。" ウインザーの陽気な女房たち" "威風堂々"、オペラ座の怪人"など好きな曲ばかり、演奏も素晴らしかったです。
My English teacher and his wife gave me some wonderful Christmas presents, 5 DVDs of the Agatha Christie movies, which really made my day.
Un de mes professeurs à l'école de langue m'a offert des DVD de films à suspense d'Agatha Christie, ça m'a fait plaisir.