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2016-01-30 17:08

Recently I've watched three episodes of a British period drama called "Downton Abbey". It is set in a large stately home in England during the First World War.
I learned many things about England's history and its class system. It has almost everything: love, jealousy, hatred, loyalty etc. It was interesting to see not only upper class people's lives, but also common people's lives in those days, so I was glued to the screen for a few hours. It makes me realize that no matter what our station in life we all suffer and enjoy the same emotions, and joy and happiness don't last forever, mourning the loss of someone you love is the greatest agony in our lives, but that's life.


" Downton Abbey" est un feuilleton télévisé anglais qui décrit une famille aristocratique avant la guerre. Amour, jalousie, haine, loyauté, tous ces sentiments sont racontés, mais pas seulement dans la noblesse, parmi la masse également. J'ai été scotchée devant ma télé jusqu'à 2 heures du matin.

2016-01-25 09:21

One of the Mozart's sonatas was featured in the movie "The Butler."
The melody is very famous, and most piano students practice it at one time, including my son and I, but how different it sounds when a professional plays it.
It was pleasant to hear it in the movie, and it sounded more sublime because of the luxurious atmosphere in White House.

Dans le film "The Butler", j'ai entendu une belle musique, une sonate de Mozart, qui rendait formidablement bien et j'étais contente. Je l'ai jouée avant, mais c'était très différent de ma performance.
映画‘The Butller’の中、ホワイトハウスで執事たちが働いている一シーンで、子供の頃にに習った曲が流れていました。それほど難しい曲ではないし、ピアノを習ったことのある人、私や息子を含め、たいてい一度は弾く曲ですが、映画の雰囲気にとけこんで素晴らしく聞こえました。

2016-01-20 12:03

My husband witnessed a traffic collision while he was driving in our town a few days ago. He saw a car with smoke coming out of the engine, but it must have been on fire, because when the driver jumped out, she had already been unrecognizably burnt black, but she seemed to still be breathing. Some passers by near the road were able to rescue a baby from the car as the ambulance hadn't arrived yet. They were courageous, as, soon after they pulled the child from the car, it blew up, and was in flames.
The following morning, it was in the newspaper. It was a 28-year-old woman who had escaped from the car, and another woman in the car was also burned, according to the local news. They also mentioned the heroic by-standers who rescued the baby from the car seconds before it exploded. The other driver received only minor injuries.
Mon mari a été témoin d'un grave accident de voitures il y a trois jours.
Une épaisse fumée s'en est échappée, une personne a roulé de la voiture, elle était déjà carbonisée. Des passants ont sauvé un bébé, tout à coup la voiture a été en flammes. Il y avait une autre personne dans la voiture, elle aussi a été brûlée. Les deux personnes étaient des jeunes femmes, la mère du bébé a 28 ans et l'autre la trentaine.
On the 15th, 14 people died and 27 injured when the bus they were travelling on which was heading to a ski resort, plunged off a cliff on a national road near Karuizawa and crashed. 12 of the casualties were university students, and some were still teenagers. I have no words to console their grieving parents.
L'accident de bus à Nagano le 15 était horrible.
Les victimes étaient des étudiants de 19 à 22 ans, 9 garçons et 5 filles sont morts sur le chemin pour aller skier.
Je ne peux pas trouver les mots pour offrir mes condoléances.
Yesterday morning, my son had trouble getting a train because of the heavy snow. There was a long line of people all the way out the exits, onto the sidewalk. He had to miss a few trains even though he was already at the station. Because the platform was so crowded, he was not able to get to the doors of the train. After walking on the snowy roads, his shoes and socks got wet which made him feel very cold. The reason of his outing was that the joint at the base of his left thumb was killing him, so he was on the way to the doctor's. Finally he was able to see his doctor, and he said that he had solid hyaluronic acid inside his hand which pinches his nerves. He won't be able to play the piano for a while. It was a wasted day for him.
Hier, mon fils n'a pas pu prendre le train facilement. La queue pour prendre le train commençait à l'extérieur de la gare. Il a dû attendre longtemps à la gare, à cause de la neige les trains étaient en retard. En plus, il a manqué quelques trains car les quais étaient très encombrés et les trains bondés .
Il a mal au doigt. Il est tout gonflé donc il voulait aller chez le médecin. Finalement il a pu arriver, son docteur lui a dit qu'il avait de l'acide hyaluronique solide dans la main qui blesse ses nerfs. Donc il ne peut pas jouer du piano maintenant. C'est un jour de malchance pour lui.

2016-01-15 07:51

I received a DVD from England recently. It was a version of the famous book "Pride and Prejudice." I had seen a version before at the movie theatre, but this was a newer version starring Keira Knightley.
I heard that this BBC TV series was really popular in England when it first came out and that women disappeared from the streets when the show was on. I also heard that some women went weak at the knee at the sight of a half-naked Colin Firth in a bath.
I was so pleased to get it as I really wanted to see him while he was young. Maybe it was before he was in the movie "Bridget Jones' Diary."

J'ai reçu le DVD de "Pride and Prejudicde" qui est un feuilletion télévisé diffusé en Angleterre. Une amie me l'a envoyé, ça m'a plu parce qu'un acteur dans le film est mon type.
J'ai vu le film "Pride and Prejudice" au cinéma, mais les acteurs et actrices étaient différents.
J'ai entendu dire que toutes les femmes disparaissent quand l'émission commençait, et qu'elles tombaient en syncope car Colin Firth est très beau.
イギリスから届いたDVD,“プライドと偏見”、以前映画館でKeira Knightley主演のを見ましたが、テレビシリーズを編集したものは初めてなので嬉しかったです。Colin Firth はイギリスでこのドラマで人気を得その後いろいろ映画に出て世界でも有名ですが、その頃もドラマ放映中はイギリス中の街から女性がいなくなったほど人気があったそうです。

2016-01-11 09:31


Yesterday, after the Coming-of-Age Day ceremony at the city assembly hall, my son came back home earlier than scheduled, and took off his formal suit straightaway. He said the mayor's and guests' speeches were boring and didn't have any consistency. He even skipped the commemorative pictures, which were supposed to be taken after the ceremony.
I got disappointed because I wouldn't have any photos of the day.
He didn't even go to a party after the ceremony. He isn't a sociable person at all, just like me.

Hier, mon fils est rentré tout de suite après la cérémonie pour célébrer l'arrivée à la majorité à la maison de la culture. Il a dit que les discours du maire et des invités étaient ennuyants, ils n'avaient pas de consistance. Mon fils n'est même pas allé faire la photo de rassemblement.
Il a enlevé son costume aussitôt après être arrivé chez nous.
J'ai été un peu déçue parce qu'il y aura pas de photo de ce jour important.
À plus forte raison, puisqu'il n'est pas allé à la réunion après la cérémonie, ça veut dire qu'il ne doit pas être une personne sociable, tout comme moi.