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2016-03-24 17:30

I left my father's place late. It was already dark outside.
When I was coming off the freeway, a sedan was tailgating me, as if the driver wanted me to speed up.
The road bends sharply at one point. The sign says the speed limit is 30 kph, so I wanted to slow down to at least 50, but I didn't want to lose control of the wheel.
I was relieved when the car was not in my rearview mirror anymore. Soon after, I merged onto the national road. I hate driving in the evening, because people are always in a hurry.
Il faisait sombre quand je suis sortie de chez mon père.
Une voiture roulait derrière moi, il n'y avait pas assez de distance de sécurité entre nous.
La route comporte des virages très raides, je ne peux pas passer très vite donc j'ai réduit ma vitesse, ce qui a énervé le conducteur de derrière.