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2016-03-29 09:38


Yesterday, there was a car crash involving several cars near the tollgate on my way home. At least three cars were involved in the crash, so it took me a while to get through there.The majority of the drivers didn't break until they got close to the gate, so it caused some trouble for the other drivers.
Hier, près du péage il y a eu une collision, trois voiture étaient endommagées.
Il m'a fallu longtemps pour passer à cet endroit, et je suis rentrée tard.
La plupart des conducteurs ne réduisent pas leur vitesse même quand ils s'approchent du péage, c'est la cause de beaucoup d'accidents.
It was warm outside and hot inside my car, so I turned on the air-conditioner while I was driving today.
I really don't like driving long distances on sunny days like today, but I've had to recently, and I will have to continue for a while.
If I hdidn't have to drive on sunny days, my suntanned hands, face and neck would return to normal
Il fait chaud aujourd'hui, j'ai allumé la climatisation de ma voiture quand je suis allée voir mon père. Tous les jours je conduis pendant longtemps sous le soleil et je bronze, je ne pourrai jamais retrouver ma peau de jeune fille.