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2016-04-30 09:19

Yesterday morning, a friend of mine dropped by. She is my son's friend's mother, but I hadn't seen her for 6 years.
She showed me a photo of her son in a big frame she had wrapped in a cloth. It seemed to have been taken at a "Coming of Age Day" ceremony this year, as the people are wearing formal suits.
I don't have any memorial photos of my son from that day since he took off his nice clothes as soon as he came back home. Besides, he is not a person who likes to go to a photo studio with me in order to make an album for special days, even though he knew it was a once-in-a-life-time chance.
Hier une amie est passée me voir.
Elle est la mère d'un ami de mon fils. Nous ne nous étions pas vu depuis 6 ans, et elle m'a montré une photo de son fils car il a beaucoup changé. La photo était dans un cadre et était enveloppée dans un tissu traditionnel "furoshiki", et semblait donc très importante. Elle a dû être prise le jour de l'accession à la majorité.
Je n'ai pas de photo comme ça , parce que mon fils a ôté son costume tout de suite, en plus il n'y avait personne qui voulait aller au studio de photographie pour faire un album, alors que c'était un moment important de la vie.

2016-04-26 08:45

Yesterday, my father had 10 guests in his living room. They were his former students when he was a junior high school teacher,They had come to see him since they had learned my father is not so strong nowadays. To my surprise, all of them were already over 50 years old. My father looked happy to have them visit after a long absence, and to know they still remember him.One of them lives in Hokkaido, and has been sending him post cards quite regularly over the years. This time he brought my father cookies which were made from Hokkaido butter and flour.
Mon père a reçu 10 visiteurs hier. C'était ses anciens étudiants de quand il était professeur au collège. Tout le monde avait déjà 50 ans, mais ils se souviennent de mon père, c'était étonnant.
L'un d'eux envoie parfois des cartes à mon père, et il lui a apporté une boîte de gâteaux secs qui ont été fait avec du beurre et de la farine de Hokkaido.
My father dictated a letter to reply to his student who had sent him a post card recently. While I was writing down what he said (his phrases), I heard a few high-brow words and expressions, so I had to check them in my electronic dictionary, I wouldn't be able to reach his level even if I live to be 100.
Mon père m'a dicté une lettre pour son étudiant qui lui a envoyé une carte récemment. Pendant que j'écrivais ses phrases, j'ai trouvé que quelques mots et expressions étaient difficiles, et je les ai cherchés dans mon dictionnaire.
J'ai pensé que je ne pourrai pas arriver à son niveau même quand j'aurai son âge.

“君に斯く 相見ることの 嬉しさも まだ覚めやらぬ 夢かとぞ思ふ”

2016-04-22 19:32

(父の 庭の写真です)
In 1944, when my father was 16 years old, he experienced a devastating earthquake(昭和 東南海地震).
It was a magnitude 8, and it caused enormous damage in my hometown.
Nowadays, I go there everyday to see my father, but I can't imagine that it was a quake-hit town.
En 1944, quand il avait 16 ans, mon père a vécu un tremblement de terre dévastateur. Il habite encore dans la même ville, et c'était une région sinistrée. Récemment je vais le voir tous les jours, mais je ne peux pas imaginer qu'un séisme de force huit l'a frappé.

2016-04-18 08:49

After a while, we tend to forget to talk about how terrible natural disasters are. As long as we live in a volatile land, we don't know what will happen in the near future. I am at risk, just like everyone else.
I feel sorry for those who are suffering.
Avec les années, on oublie facilement les désastres. Nous habitons dans un territoire à risques, on ne peut pas savoir si notre avenir sera en sécurité ou non. Il est possible que je devrai passer de mauvais moments un jour.(2916.4.16)

After seeing the terrible death and destruction caused by the earthquakes in Kyushu this past weekend, I realized how easy it is to forget about how terrible those types of disasters are. Other than the memorials on the anniversary of the tragedies in Tohoku 5 years ago, we tend to go about our lives without thinking too much about the possibility of the same thing happening to us. As long as we live in a risky land with many volcanoes and earthquakes, we don't know what will happen in the near future. I have to consider that one day, I may experience a terrible natural disaster, too.(2016.4.18)

2016-04-14 21:33

Downton Abbey Season 4 has arrived on Netflix, I watched episode until 5 recently. So far, this season hasn't been as interesting as the former seasons, but I still enjoyed seeing the English lifestyle and fashion from those days. (enjoyed seeing the vestiges of English culture from the mid 20th Century. )
Tonight, I missed my piano practice for the first time this year, as I wanted to see the next episode. I have so many movies and TV dramas on my list, I am sure they will improve my listening skills, so I must hurry.

Downton Abbey Saison 4, est finalement arrivé sur Netflix. J'ai vu les épisodes 1 et 2 récemment. Ils n'étaient pas amusants comme les autres, mais j'ai bien aimé les vestiges de l'Angleterre du 20 ème siècle.
Hier j'ai fait deux activités bénévoles, le matin et l'après-midi . En plus, je suis allée chez mon père pour m'occuper de lui. C'était une journée inutile et fatigante.