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2016-05-30 09:52

In English dramas, women often get upset when their husbands organize family events. Maybe my husband wouldn't like the situation since he likes women to follow him without voicing their opinions. When we go to the movies, my husband chooses the movie, he decides the daily menu for dinner, and he doesn't even ask me when I will be free to go out together.
Yesterday I watched one episode of "Doc Martin". The couple are not married yet, so I should call the woman his partner. She is always opinionated, and they often argue about trivial matters. She suddenly announced she didn't want to marry him, then went away with their baby. All of this is quite foreign to me.
I wonder why Japanese actresses must be so thin to get a leading role, otherwise they only can play small roles.
In the foreign TV dramas, I noticed that some heroines are a little stout compared to the Japanese standard ideal figure for actresses.

Dans les séries anglaises que je regarde, les femmes sont en colère si leurs maris commandent tout. Elles ont leurs propres opinions, elles donnent leurs avis sur tout.
Peut-être mon mari n'aimerait pas cette situation, car c'est lui qui choisit les films quand nous allons au cinema, et il decide le menu tous les jours.
Hier j'ai regardé un épisode de "Doc Martin". J'ai encore pensé que la volonté de sa femme est très forte, elle ne change pas d'avis et elle s'en va.
Je ne sais pas pourquoi les vedettes de la télé doivent être minces au Japon.
Sinon elles ne peuvent pas obtenir le premier rôle.
Mais il y a des actrices qui sont rondes à l'étranger.