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2016-07-02 08:07

bag new

I rarely buy new bags for myself, but I finally needed a new one as my old one got worn out. Since I usually carry some books and my i-pad, I decided I needed a sturdy bag.

The other reason I need a new own is that, recently when I took a taxi, I left one of my bags in the car after I paid. Fortunately, I was able to get it back, but I thought I should've used one big bag instead of a few small ones to carry all my things.

I hope the new bag I bought will last long.

J'ai acheté un sac, je ne sais pas s'il va durer longtemps car j'y mets beaucoup de choses, livres et i-pad. Mon sac doit être très robuste.

Récemment j'ai oublié un de mes sacs dans le taxi après avoir payé .
J'ai pensé que je devrais acheter un grand sac .