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2016-07-05 08:35

While I was walking with my father today, he suddenly staggered. Even though I supported him , his arm still hit a pillar. Due to his fragile skin if started bleeding immediately.
Même si je fais attention quand je suis avec lui , il trouve toujours un moyen pour se blessé .
This is a photo I took of some lovely souvenirs from France that I received from one of my teachers. She recently returned from her vacation in and around Toulouse, France. She is a French and German teacher with Kumon, and she has been working with me for sometime. Although I rarely complete the French assignments that she sends me in a timely manner, she never loses patience with me, and she always remembers me when she travels abroad. I appreciate her kindness, and I am slightly jealous of her ability to see the world.
Mon professeur de français de KUMON (études par correspondance) m'a envoyé un très jolie souvenir de France .