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2016-07-17 10:25

最近見た映画"Re Life"
I watched a movie starring Hugh Grant. He hasn't been in many good movies recently however this film was one of his better ones.The role he played was suited to him. It was a simple story but interesting nevertheless, of how a writer lost hisg way in life but rediscovered his passion for writing while teaching at a university.

Recently, I've been having my bathroom renovated. A saleswoman tried to persuade me to buy a new washstand also, because my washstand has wooden drawers which would make the room look dark compared to the new wall.
I told her that I have been cleaning and keeping it nice for many years, so I'd like to keep using my old one.

J'ai fait rénover la salle de bain récemment. Le représentant de commerce m'a dit que je devais aussi racheter un lavabo parce qu'il semble vieux. Mais Je l'ai bien entretenu, ça serait dommage si je devais le jeter.