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Pokemon のゲームアプリ
2016-07-24 10:44

Pokemon Go

My son told me the day before yesterday that a new app was launched in Japan which had already become a massive hit in the USA. I was not able to understand why he told me that I would have to pay attention to the people who are playing video games. Then, yesterday morning, when I read the newspaper, I got a handle on what he said. That is because when people are absorbed in the game, some of them have serious accidents.
The article says,
"Pokemon Go " a game that is free to download and play, uses the phone's GPS sensor and camera to guide players around streets and parks to find and capture Pokemon monsters. The characters are superimposed on a live camera image of the surrounding scenery, offering an immersion experience that many find addictive."

Mon fils m'a dit que le nouveau jeu de i-phone "Pokemon-Go" est très populaire, les gens sont déjà captivés, et des accidents sont arrivés car ils sont plongés dans le jeu.

今爆発的人気のiPhone でのゲーム、Pokemon-Go が国内配信されたと息子が興味のない私にわざわざ前もって教えてくれたわけが最初わかりませんでした。