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2016-07-30 09:39

I had forgotten how hot it gets after the rainy season.
My living room a/c is set to the same temperature for all the seasons in order to protect my pianos, but upstairs is awful during the summer time.
I can't spend more than 20 minutes without air-conditioners.
Because of the renovation, I put away a lot of things in my bedroom to protect them.
Now I am reluctant to return them to their old places.
Besides, my husband said that it looks spacious on the first floor now, so I've decided not to put them back.

J'avais oublié combien il fait chaud pendant l'été après la saison des pluies.
Je ne peux pas rester plus de 20 minutes à l'étage.
Avant le rénovation, j'ai bougé et mis beaucoup chose dans ma chambre à l'étage.
Je dois les remettre, mais j'ai arrêté de déplacer les choses.