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2016-08-06 08:45

(写真は実家近くの公園、父が碑文の原稿を書き父の名も記されています。My father's name is on this stone monument because he wrote the inscription.)

My brother said that our father is a good actor, as he pretends he is very fragile, and keeps saying that he won't able to live until his first great-grandchild is born this September. But in reality, he still is able to go shopping with his helper. When I visited him yesterday, it was another scorching hot day, and he was outside, even though I had told him not to go outside.

Mon frère m'a dit que notre père prétend être très fragile en disant qu'il ne pourra pas vivre assez longtemps pour voir son arrière-petit-fils en septembre.
En fait il fait les courses avec son aide-ménage. Quand je suis arrivée chez lui hier, c'était une brûlante journée, je lui ai dit de ne pas sortir.