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2016-08-13 09:22

Many years ago, I was sometimes asked by people from abroad why many businesses were closed or, some people had days off in mid-August, but not to spend as holidays. I think it's hard to understand for them if they don't know traditional Japanese customs.
The times have changed though, nowadays most shops are open, except local places like ours.
Today, I went to an express home delivery company. The owner of the shop said that they would soon close the shop for 3 days as it's Obon.

On m'a demandé pourquoi les japonais prennent des congés à la mi-août, mais ne les utilisent pas comme des vacances. S'ils ne connaissent pas les coutumes japonaises, c'est difficile de comprendre.
Mais les temps changent, maintenant presque tous les magasins sont ouverts, excepté à la campagne.
Aujourd'hui, je suis allée à l'agence d'une société de livraison privée, l'employée du magasin m'a dit qu'ils allaient fermer le magasin pendant la saison de Obon.