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2016-08-26 07:53

I have to separate garbage everyday.
In my town, we use big blue plastic bags for recyclable plastic which has to be clean and dry, if it is not, we must put the plastic in pink plastic bags. Burnable materials are also meant to be put in pink bags and nonburnable has to be placed in transparent bags.
My husband knows that we have to put plastic garbage in blue bags, but I always check to see if he puts his garbage into the correct bag. Maybe, I am too meticulous.

Je suis très occupée à trier les ordures tous les jours.
Dans mon village nous utilisons des sacs en plastique recyclable. Mon mari sait comment trier, mais je dois vérifier quand même qu'il jette des sacs propres car je m'aperçois que parfois il met des choses en plastique sales dans la poubelle.
Nous devons les laver et les sécher avant de les jeter.